When You Visit

Before the Service
Most people show up by 9:20 am so that they have plenty of time to hang out in our Welcome Area just inside the front doors before finding a comfortable seat in our Worship Center for the main service. There are staff or volunteers there who will gladly direct you to “Grace Kids”. They’ll have a great time learning about God and faith and we’ll make sure they’re safe and have a great time! Middle School and high school students typically join the adults in the Worship Center for the beginning of the service before they head back for their own time of challenging and relevant interactive learning.
What to Wear
We say, “Come as you are.” By that we mean you can wear whatever you’re comfortable in. Shorts or jeans if you’d like. Holes or no holes. You’re also free to dress up a little if you prefer. The main thing is to be yourself. That’s what we value here, not what you wear.
Worship Service
A live worship band usually gets things started with the first song just before 9:30 while everyone’s still getting seated. The words are all on the screen so that whether it’s a classic hymn or the latest worship song, everyone can comfortably follow along. Typically there will be a few songs, announcements and an offering (which is not for guests) before our Pastor will speak on a Biblically-based topic or passage that is life-giving, relevant and applicable to your life. Some people follow along in their own Bibles, while others just follow along on the projector screen up front. Others prefer to use their own tablet, smart phone, or electronic device. It’s whatever you feel most comfortable with.
The service typically draws to a close with a response time where the worship team may come up and lead in another song, or maybe there will be quiet time of reflection before everyone is dismissed. Our intention is that through the service each and every person will come away with a fresh perspective on God and on their response to Him.
After the Service
We dismiss around 10:45 am. If you need to take off right away, feel free to do so. But you’re also invited to hang around afterwards for coffee, tea and light snacks that are provided free of charge.
If you have any other questions before you decide to visit Grace Church, please feel free to give us a call at 262.646.2443 or send an email to gracechurchdelafield@gmail.com.