Grace Kids

A safe place, a fun place, a learning place, a caring place, a Christ-centered place!

Nursery through 5th Grade

Grace Kids meet at 9:30am during the worship service in our Grace Kids 21st Century Learning Center.
Our Grace Kids Mission
Partnering with parents to build a faith that lasts a lifetime!
What we mean by “Partnering with Parents”
-Being available to you beyond your child’s Sunday experience…to pray for you and/or your child’s needs, to be a listening ear, to share what we might be observing that will encourage you, and to make available to you resources that will enrich you in your parenting journey.
-Networking you with other parents from time to time so that you can encourage one another in your spiritual coaching of your child’s journey.
-Sharing your passion as a parent to see that your child has a faith that lasts a lifetime!
-Providing your children with positive godly role models and biblical, Christ-centered curriculum.