What kind of church are you?

Grace Church is not affiliated with any specific denominations. We have people from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and religious traditions–but we’re all about discovering more about what God’s grace means for us and for our world.

Will I feel uncomfortable at your church?

We sure hope not (and don’t believe so) because we love making our guests feel welcome and comfortable. Our church is made up of people just like you, so we’re sure you’ll find friendly connections that will put you at ease.

Do I have to become a member if I attend?

You would be surprised how often we get asked this. No, you don’t have to become a member. Everyone is welcome to attend and if you find yourself feeling particularly “at home” we’d be glad to have a conversation about what membership can mean for you, but there’s never any pressure to join and you won’t be left out if you choose not to.

Will I have to give money?

As far as giving goes, we encourage new attendees not to give until they feel led to. Of course, when you give it allows us to expand His kingdom and/or to make more disciples in Waukesha County and around the world. So we appreciate that the vast majority of our church body gives voluntarily and cheerfully as a way of worshipping God.

How is the church doing financially?

We are an open book at Grace Church… even when it comes to our finances. God has been good to Grace Church and He has blessed us with a stable and positive financial standing. We follow stringent financial accountability policies set forth in our constitution so as to give everyone confidence in our stewardship as a church. Ultimately we answer to God for how we use our resources.
Any other questions?
No problem at all, just shoot us an email and we’ll answer as best we can: gracechurchdelafield@gmail.com