Grace Outreaches

At Grace, this strategy involves ONE mission…and FOUR teams!


To take the Good News to those who have no life, no purpose and no family and help them find their life, purpose and family in Christ! To offer others, whether in our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria or at the ends of the earth, a future in Him!


Our HOME TEAM (Our Jerusalem)—The Grace family takes the Good News beyond our four walls to extend His grace right on or near our doorstep…throughout Waukesha County!

Our NETWORK TEAM (Our Judea)—The Grace family joins our hearts and hands with those of other churches and para-church ministries to advance the Good News by collaborating in short-term opportunities to expand His kingdom in Waukesha County & Southeastern Wisconsin.

Our NEW CHURCH TEAM (Our Samaria)  [To be developed]—The Grace Church family sends its own or others to impact Waukesha County and beyond with the Good News by establishing and/or helping to establish new churches.

Our WORLD TEAM (Our uttermost parts of the world)—The Grace Church family practices global outreach & pursues fulfillment of His Great Commission beyond Wisconsin to the ends of the earth…a strategy which includes proclaiming the Good News, making & strengthening disciples, developing new churches,  extending compassion to physical, emotional & spiritual needs, sending out supporting teams & workers (both short & long-term).

Practical applications of these teams

  • Family Promise: reaching out to homeless families in Waukesha County
  • Food Pantry: alleviating hunger in Waukesha County
  • Hebron House: ministering to homeless women and children in transition to permanent housing
  • Soles for Jesus: collecting shoes for the needy in Africa
  • The Oasis Project: serving under-resourced children with tutors, utilizing professional retired and working teachers; other applications to be developed to served the Lake Country community
  • Send Hope: supporting Scott and Joy Humphreys in their ministry around the world
  • Seasons of Giving: serving underprivileged children in our community at Christmas time